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Scholarships for International Students to Study in Canada

Scholarships are grants given to support a student’s education. They need not be repaid. Students with exceptional merit are often eligible for scholarships. You might associate the need for a scholarship with poor economic status, but it is imperative to note that if you are planning to study abroad, especially in a country like Canada, scholarships are crucial. They take off your load to pay heavy sums for a top-notch education. Almost everybody needs the scholarship to be able to pay for education in a good institution in Canada.

Now the next question is how to earn such a scholarship? In the process of getting to earn a scholarship, the first step is to know about the kinds of scholarship available.

Types of scholarships available

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University Scholarships

Government Scholarships

Private Scholarships icanedutech

External Scholarships

University Scholarships

These scholarships are specific to a particular institution. Many universities in Canada offer their own scholarships to attract international students to their campus. The universities have different eligibility and scheme plan for their own scholarships.

The entrance level scholarship is offered to a student who matches the university’s criteria right from the beginning of his course of study. The entire study schedule will be funded by the university itself. Of course, you ought to possess the required skillset to be considered for this category of scholarship.

Application-based scholarships are offered on the student’s request. You will have to apply to the university after getting admission, to be considered. Then again, your academic profile, gender, economic status, citizenship, the course you are studying, all comes into play. Generally, these kinds of scholarships are quite specific in nature. After filling out an application, your request would be reviewed by the university.

Government Scholarships

The Canadian government also makes sure that the needs of all international students aspiring to study in Canada are met. It becomes a matter of national pride also if international students opt to study in a country. In this manner, the country can showcase the excellence of its educational resources as well to the world.

Almost all these scholarships require a good SAT and TOEFL score. These tests are held periodically. Although the level of these assessments is quite high, it is not impossible to crack these if you are fuelled by the right amount of determination. You can apply to your dream institution thereafter by providing the details of your scores.

External Scholarships

Many external organizations provide exclusive scholarships to international students wanting to study in Canada. This will require research on your part. For example, technology giants like Microsoft provide scholarships to international students who wish to study computer science in Canada. Many Canadian-Indian organizations also provide scholarships to students to land up in a top-notch university in Canada.

Listed below are some of the major and most popular scholarships being offered to study in Canada, along with their eligibility requirements.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is funded jointly by the provincial government of Ontario and the college the student wishes to attend. Students who want to do their graduation from Canada can apply for this scholarship. The donation sum varies according to the specifics and duration of every course. The student’s profile is reviewed on the basis of his research work, volunteer experience, and academic scores.

Your chosen course must comprise of at least 2 or more terms to be eligible for this scholarship. Additionally, the preferred course must be in a registered Ontario college that comes under the realm of this scholarship. A valid study permit is necessary to redeem this scholarship.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This particular scholarship is meant for students who want to do their Ph.D. from Canada. It is funded by the same institutions as the Ontario Graduate scholarship. This is a relatively new venture to encourage students with exceptional research work to complete their Ph.D. in Canada. This idea came to the front in 2010.

Outstanding academic record is a pre-requisite for obtaining this scholarship. Your profile will be screened at various stages. From the day the scholarship is issued, you must compulsorily be enrolled in a partner Canadian institute and must continue to be in that college until the end of the program. A valid study permit is also required.

University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta provides different kinds of scholarships to international aspirants, wanting to be a part of the institute at the graduation level. You can directly visit their official webpage and apply within the deadline to be considered. Your previous academic record is scanned thoroughly to test your eligibility. In addition, if you get selected, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is to be maintained throughout your course of study in Canada, failing which, there would be circumstances.

Possession of a valid study permit is mandatory. Also, you should already be enrolled in a partner institution when you apply for the scholarship. The scholarship can be availed at the beginning of your graduate program and also after the first year of study. In the latter case, first-year grades will be extremely crucial in deciding whether you will be given the grant or not.

NSERC Post-graduate Scholarships

NSERC stands for National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The NSERC funds scholarships for students studying in natural science or some specific engineering domains. These scholarships are meant after graduation courses. These usually come in the form of prizes that are used to felicitate students for exceptional research work and to encourage them to keep working in a better manner. These scholarships are provided to you during your postgraduate course of study in Canada. This is a government-funded grant and is solely dependent on the student’s performance while he is studying in Canada.

Humber College Scholarships

Humber College is an institution in Toronto that offers entry-level scholarships to international students willing to pursue their college education in Canada. This scholarship is applicable to all the graduation courses being provided by Humber College. You can visit their website directly to vouch your eligibility. They have different amounts of money that can be offered to students matching a specific percentage bar. For example, a student with a percentage of 85% will not get as much compensation as a student with a record of 95%. In addition, fluency in English language and communication skills with cross-country people are also a part of the screening. There are various categories of scholarships, based on these skills.

Dalhousie University Scholarships

Dalhousie University is based in Halifax. The institution offers a wide range of scholarships to international students, aspiring to study at various levels in Canada. They have high school grants, graduation schemes as well as scholarships for postgraduate courses and research work. You can visit their website to apply for their scholarship during the semester end. Also, they have different structures and rules for entrance level scholarships and in-house scholarships.

The in-house scholarships are applicable after you have been enrolled in a college or school and is purely merit-based. The entrance level scholarships assess you on the basis of your past records. You are expected to fulfill a minimum requirement of around 80% for most programs in order to be considered for the screening process. There are special scholarships for students studying in the Agriculture segment.

All the scholarships require specific skillsets. It is not that difficult to obtain a scholarship to study in Canada, provided you eye two or three schemes specifically, based on your requirements.

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