Student Visa

Student Visa

Canada’s booming economy and cultural melange attract thousands of students from around the globe to peruse a plethora of professional and educational courses and degrees ranging from business, law, education to engineering, medicine, computer, applied, and pure sciences, engineering, along with creative arts, architecture, and humanities. Canada is a popular choice of a nation for pursuing higher education after 12th grade.

Canada offers professional as well as vocational courses with financial aids in the form of scholarships and fellowships to students who meet the mark. Canadian student-friendly laws require students to obtain a permit only if their course exceeds the six-month duration. Once obtained, the Canadian student visa can be reapplied for from within Canada. Additionally, student visa provides a permit to work part-time on campus. Students may also work off-campus or intern as part of their course and find employment in Canada post completion of their course.

The Canadian study permit applications can be filed online or on paper by obtaining it from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. The former is the most viable option for international students and is comparatively processed faster. Applicants will require a debit or credit card to apply and the documents required for the same will be informed by their respective visa office.

Another mandatory requirement for obtaining a Canadian student visa is proof of the availability of sufficient funds to support themselves. The minimum requirement of the same presently is at CA $10,000 for each year of your stay in Canada.

Offered Courses

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