Terrorism and International Security

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Terrorism and International Security

This innovative program provides a framework for the detailed investigation of both international security and the related field of terrorism.

1 Month Module

Week 1

  • Examine theories on the strategy of terrorism, the effect of terrorism on India and western democracies, the causes of terrorism, radicalization to violence, the organization and structure of terrorist groups, sponsorship and facilitation of terrorism.
  • Consider how and why terrorists use certain technologies, tactics, weapons, and procedures to support their objectives.
  • Develop a critical and informed understanding of counter terrorism policies in democratic states through historical and contemporary context.

Week 2

  • Examine the evolution of counter terrorism policies and responses in the post-9/11 period.
  • Review, analyze and evaluate counter terrorism strategies in western democracies.
  • Develop an informed understanding of the role and function of intelligence services with an emphasis on Canadian and American intelligence & national security communities.

Week 3

  • Examine, compare and contrast five challenges to national security via case studies and the role of intelligence in policy response
  • Develop knowledge of the policy, legal, ethical, national, and international contexts of intelligence & national security for Canadian and other western democracies
  • Current threats: The Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Maoist groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ULFA and their affiliates.

Week 4

  • Future threats: Cyber, CBRN and emerging trends
  • Terrorism & Counter terrorism: getting it right and wrong

Please note it is mandatory to take the ELCCC (English Language and Cross Cultural Communication) course first, which runs for one month as well. The short‐term ELCCC program is specifically meant for Indian students and recent graduates who seek global exposure.Learning outcomes for the ELCCC course are –

  • Intensive English as a Second Language
  • Introduction of Diverse Team Projects
  • Understanding Canada
  • International Education
  • International Social Protocol
  • International Business and Networking Skills

Course fee details-

The tuition of the combined 2-month course at Carleton University computes to INR 8.5

Fee breakdown

  • Carleton University tuition – INR 4,00,000 ($7500 CAD) Approx.
  • Food services – 80,000
  • Consultation/ Orientation fee – 70,000
  • Local agent commission – 75,000
  • India operational cost – 165,000

*Visa Application & Biometrics fee – 12,400

*Documentation review & submission by ICCRC member – 47,600

*All of the Prices are non-refundable

*All of the prices above are for 2 months

The list of inclusions in the tuition fee-

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • All fees regarding the Canadian Visa
  • Transportation from Ottawa Airport to Carleton University
  • Several networking and industrial visits
  • Certificate of participation
  • Tour orientation and pre-departure guidance

The list of exclusions in the tuition fee–

  • Airfare
  • Health insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation to/from Indira Ghandi International Airport – New Delhi
  • Room service, special meals
  • Expenses caused by damages or destruction
  • Deportation or an emergency flight charges.

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