Social Studies and Media

Social Studies and Media is the field of study that deals with content, history, and effects of various Media, in a particular disciplined manner. Media study draws the attention from both the Social Sciences and the Humanities and brings discipline from its core of mass communication, communication, and communication science and communication studies. Social Studies and Media is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world. It is completely focused on an inquiry-based interdisciplinary subject that draws attention upon ecology, economics, law, philosophy, political science, etc.

Top 20 Social Studies and Media Universities

List of Top 20 Social Studies and Media Universities in Canada

1.Brock University
2.Carleton University
3.Cape Breton University
4.Capilano University
5.Dalhousie University
6.Lakehead University
7.Laurentian University
8.Queen’s University
9.Thompson Rivers University
10.Trent University
11.University of Fraser Valley
12.University of Guleph
13.University of Northern British Columbia
14.University of Regina
15.University of Windsor
16.University of Ottawa
17.University of Victoria
18.University of Waterloo
19.University of Saskatchewan
20.Vancouver Island University

Top 20 Social Studies and Media Colleges

List of Top 20 Social Studies and Media Colleges in Canada

1.Algonquin College
2.Cambrian College
3.Confederation College
4.Camosun College
5.Candore College
6.Centennial College
7.Conestoga College
8.Doglus College
9.Durham College
10.Fanshawe College
11.Humber College
12.Langara College
13.Loyalist College
14.Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
15.Niagara College
16.George Brown College
17.Georgian College
18.Selkrik College
19.St. Lawrence College
20.Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Social studies are integral to the process of enabling students to develop an understanding of who they are, what they want to become and the society in which they live. Media Studies is the fast-growing academic field in various nations with several dedicated departments and research institutes. Today, the best of the University for Social studies and Media are located in Canada with a wide range of approaches in the same department.

According to research, the Toronto School Of Communication is one of the best school for Social Studies and Media all over the world, which is located in Canada. It is completely based on the development of the key values and attitudes and knowledge and understanding. Such a process is strictly followed in Universities of Canada as it is necessary for students to be one active and responsible citizen. This also makes one aware of their capacity to effect change in their communities, society, and world. They also teach one the combination of practical preparation for various Media careers.

Top Social Studies and Media Courses to Study in Canada

Best Social Studies and Media Courses to Study in Canada for International Students

The Universities also bring up the industry representative for representation from different perspectives which includes moral, political and historical.  This will help students to come up with more innovative ideas and practical skills that will lead to hand-on experience to one in today’s world. This field also broadens slightly the mentality of the students which bring them to come up without of the box ideas for development.

The University study is not only related to communication but also to various careers in media such as journalism, marketing and Entertainment, management, education, politics, international relations, law and much more.  The University also views to make the best use of communication facilities for information, publicity, and development. It would be a major mistake if one doesn’t choose a perfect Institute for Social Studies and Media in the time where it has a great demand for a career.

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