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Creative Arts and Design

Creative Arts and Design is all about to connect one with their creative side or make one aware of their hidden talent. In this sector, all the people come up with new and creative ideas to improve their appearance and talent which we see in our daily life. Creative Arts consists of all the Artist that produce paintings, sculptures, interiors, architecture and also those who decorates workplace, house, and jobs. On the other hand, Creative Design includes all the Designers who work on product ranging from cars to clothes and home appliances to the magazine. These courses are basically a single subject path that can help one to provide a variety of purposes.

Top 20 Creative Art and Design Universities

List of top 20 Creative Art and Design Universities in Canada

1.Concordia University
2.Dalhousie University of Art and Design
3.Emily Carr University
4.NSCAD University
5.Queen’s University
6.University of Alberta
7.University of Guelph
8.University of Manitoba
9.University of New Burnswick
10.University of Ottawa
11.University of Fraser Valley
12.University of Regina
13.University of Saskatchewan
14.University of Windsor
15.University of Victoria
16.University of Waterloo
17.University of Northern British Columbia
18.Vancouver Island University
19.Wilfrid Laurier University
20.York University

Top 20 Creative Art and Design Colleges

List of top 20 Creative Art and Design Colleges in Canada

1.Centennial College
2.Dominican University College
3.Fanshawe College
4.Fleming College
5.Kwantlen Polytechnic
6.Humber College
7.Georgian College
8.George Brown College
9.Huron College
10.Lambton College
11.Loyalist College
12.Niagar College
13.Mohawk College
14.Redmeer University College
15.Visual College of Art and Design
16.Sault College
17.Seneca College
18.Sheridan College
19.St. Lawrence College
20.Trinity College

Everyone gets confused once in life about which University to be chosen for the best Career Opportunity. Many people advice many places and institute but when we say one wants to do it from foreign the majority answer is to do it from Universities in CANADA. This is because people believe that the Universities in CANADA are the best and provides quality education. As it not only helps students to build a career but it also helps to make them a better person. The major reason to choose University in CANADA for Creative Arts and Design is

  • It broadens the mind and feeds the soul,
  • It helps your child to create an explosion of opportunities,
  • It helps in improving one’s imagination power and develops the mentality of thinking out of the box,
  • It enhances one’s fine skills and brings their creative side out to the world,
  • It also helps you to qualify a large workload and make one adapt in their Artistic zone.

Top Creative Art and Design Courses to Study in Canada

Best Creative Art and Design Courses to Study in Canada for International Students

Interior Design
User Experience Design
Global Business and Digital Arts
Interactive Multi Media and Design
Fine Arts
3D Modeling, Art & Animation
Media Arts and Cultures
Communication, Media and Film
Fashion Design
General Arts and Sciences
Industrial Design
Contemporary Studies
Photography Studies
Image Arts
Performance, Acting, Dance

Fine Arts Degrees also includes assessment, projects and varied portfolio of work, which may be exhibited to various exhibitions. The University of CANADA is a complete package for one’s child to come up as a best Artist or Designer with a creative mind. The University also gives you the opportunity to meet industry experts for learning and have access to the technology, equipment, and facilities to prepare you for a career.

It is also said that there is no great difference between the course studies of CANADA as compared to American course study. CANADA also has three types of Universities –

  • The Public University
  • The Private University
  • The Liberal Arts colleges

Such Universities also provides Government as well as Non-Government Scholarship which gives you incredible opportunities to meet like-minded people and gain valuable experience.

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