Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction

This degree is not just about architects and builders. It has so much more to it. This course is all about planning, designing, managing, building and maintaining the already built environment. The demand for infrastructure and buildings in this growing world requires a lot of professionals in this field, who will eagerly take up the opportunity to work on diverse projects. This course is high on demand and students will understand and learn everything about building an infrastructure for maintaining it properly.


The number of Universities and Institutions in Canada offer various courses in this discipline where the students will learn how to shape the world with their own hands from creating and designing spaces to building cities and monuments. This is an interesting and creative field, which will allow the students to explore new possibilities. They will learn to nourish their creativity thereby enhancing their vision and expression. This field is full of dynamics, which will allow the students to cope up in this case paced world where they will be faced with new challenges every day but will lean to overcome them by learning new techniques and technologies.

Studying architecture in Canada will not only enable the students to have professional experience but will also allow them to have an experience of living in a foreign country. It will allow them to grasp the local architecture and learn about the brand new city and its historical importance. Studying here will allow them to have professional contacts, which will act as a boost for their career in architecture.

Architecture is a detailed program which consists of 5 years,where one will be required to dive deep into wide-ranging subjects such as:

Lighting and Acoustics
Building services
Estimation and Costing
The strength of the material
Computing in Architecture
Project management
Urban Planning

Even some of the subjects are allocated for practical training, especially in Canada.

They also inculcate in one the ability to celebrate culture, places,and meaning through architectural expression. The school will transform you into the nation’s most coveted architects with the following inherent qualities:

  • A strong sense of direction and purpose in designing.
  • A spirit of critical thinking and inquiry fuelled by multidimensional learning.
  • Alifelong yearning to learn from beyond the envelope.
  • It also develops the spirit of entrepreneurship with the courage to experiment, innovate and bold architect.

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