Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine courses in Canada

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Agriculture has many routes of importance to an economy. It not only provides sustenance through the major supply of food essentials and raw material but also lays out numerous employment opportunities to plenty of unemployed. Canada is the fifth major agricultural exporter in the world. It also employs roughly 2.3mn Canadians and contributes over $100bn annually to the economy.

Top 20 Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Universities

List of top 20 Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Universities in Canada

University of Guelph
University of British Columbia
University of Alberta
McGill University
University of Saskatchewan
University of Manitoba
University of Toronto
Laval University
Dalhousie University
Carleton University
Brock University
University of New Brunswick
Trent University
University of Fraser Valley
Lakehead University
University Du Quebec
NSCAD University
University of Lethbridge
Vancouver Island University
University of Ontario

Top 20 Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Colleges

List of top 20 Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Colleges in Canada

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Algonquin College
Sheridan College
Niagara College
Fleming College
Selkirk College
Kwantlen Pytechnic college
Confederation College
Northern College
College of New Calendonia
Sault College
Seneca College
Parkland College
Olds College
Cumberland College
Ontario Agriculture College
Norquest College

Canada has been providing a wide platform for students for years to pursue a variety of courses in the Agricultural education field. Agricultural schools, especially those in Canada educate the students about agriculture technicalities, food, and resources associated with agricultural activities. Education in Canada for agriculture has been eased to make the learning more fun and interesting. Canadian Universities provide well-structured agricultural courses to the students. Agriculture studies provided by the Canadian Universities develop students’ skills to plan, design and execute projects and productive agricultural processes, as well as projects in agronomic engineering related to vegetation and animal production. After a student graduates after completing their course on agricultural in Canada, they are presented with certain Job options like farm manager, agricultural consultant, soil scientist, rural practice surveyor agronomist, agricultural scientist, etc

Top Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Courses to Study in Canada

Best Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Program to Study in Canada

  • Agriculture
  • Farm Management
  • Horticulture
  • Plant and Crop Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine

B.A. Sustainable Agriculture & Food System
B.A. Rural Development
B.A. Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics
B.B.A. Agriculture Management

B.Sc. Agricultural Studies
B.Sc. Agricultural Biology
B.Sc. Food Science
B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences
B.Sc. Agroecology
B.Sc. Sustainable Agriculture Systems
B.Sc. Agricultural nad Resource Economics
B.Sc. Agriculture Business Management
B.Sc. Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
B.Sc. Agricultural Science, Horticulture
B.Sc. Agriculture Economics
B.Sc. Crop Sciences
B.Sc. Animal Care
B.Sc. Applied Sustainable Ranching
B.Sc. Biology
B.Sc. Animal Science
B.Sc. Palaeobiology
B.Sc. Animal Bioscience
B.Sc. Animal Systems
B.Sc. Crop, Horticulture and Turfgrass Science
B.Sc. Horticulture Science
B.Sc. Plant Biology
B.Sc. Applied Plant Ecology
B.Sc. Plant Science
B.Sc. Oenology and Viticulture
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
M.Sc. Agriculture
M.Sc. Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
M.Sc. Integrated Studies in Land and Food System
M.Sc. Land and Water System
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
M.Sc. Agricutural Food and Nutritional Science
M.Sc. Entomology
M.Sc. Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics
M.Sc. Agriculture Biotechnology
M.Sc. Agricultural Studies
M.Sc. Entomology
M.Sc. Population Medicine
M.Sc. Large Animal Clinical Sciences
M.Sc. Animal Science
M.Sc. Applied Animal Science

Agricultural education in Canada is also rich as its status in the agricultural sector is on a developing path.  Students enrolled in the courses get to learn how to develop modern methods of seed production and plant breeding while using essential specific technologies that prepare them for the future. In Canada, students can easily get permanent residency and develop their career as there is a really big range of jobs available in the advisory service, which looks at things like ergonomics, working with equipment manufacturers and helping educate and providing outreach to farmers on how the equipment works. Canada offers a large prospect of Agricultural courses like Agricultural economics, Agricultural Biotechnology, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry (Non-Thesis), Land and Water Systems, Entomology, M.Sc. in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics are some educationally augmenting streams provided by universities of Canada, for students to revolutionize the pattern and structure of susceptible agricultural learning. Some of the top colleges from where you can pursue different agricultural courses are Trent University, University of the Fraser Valley, Lakehead University, University of Alberta, University of Guelph, Niagara College, etc. Agricultural is constantly developing by making use of new technology in Canada which is why its scope is constantly increasing. Agricultural schools in Canada tend to nourish the students and enhance their ballpark of education in the agricultural field. The high standards of academics and quality of education in Canada build students towards a great of the career of attractive employment opportunities.

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