Cyber security online course
online course cyber security
online course cyber security


The Only Online Certificate Course with LIVE Session in India 

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Mentorship from the expert faculty of Carleton University in the form of live online classes, which have been introduced in India for the first time ever.


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This program has been specially designed to identify the various issues and the effective steps to be undertaken.


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Learn from world-class Cyber Security Experts and Researchers and get your cyber security skills recognized with a certificate from Carleton University, Canada.

Admission Deadline- September 28, 2020

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Our Cyber Security Program is best suited for

Any Science (Maths) Graduate/BE/MCA

No prior experience required

1M Cyber Security Experts Needed By 2020

150% Increase in demand for Cyber Security Jobs

19.8L Median Salary For Cyber Security Experts

Learn from world-class Cyber Security Experts and Researchers in LIVE online classes

Attend LIVE online classes through advance BBT technique and ask questions during session

The Cyber Security faculty continuously works for NATO, Canadian Federal Govt, Industries and Institutions

Topics Covered Under Syllabus

Week 1

Introduction to security

  • Historical development of cybersecurity
  • Mapping of targets, and motives behind cyberattacks

Cybersecurity threats

  • Vulnerabilities of the Internet
  • Common cyber-security threats to individuals and institutions
  • ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ (DDoS), phishing, e-scams, and identity thefts


  • Cybercrime classification
  • Analyses of economic and social impacts
  • Existing legal frameworks at the global and regional levels
  • International cooperation frameworks
  • Law enforcement approaches, computer investigation, and e-forensics

Week 2

Security of the core Internet infrastructure and critical infrastructure

  • Explain how critical components of the internet work
  • Political dimension of global security

– Control over the DNS

– Technical vulnerabilities of the DNS

  • The security and protection of the critical infrastructure

– Internet infrastructure

– Water supply facilities

– Transport

– Industrial facilities

– Power plants

– Internet of things/next generation networks and ‘smart networks’

Week 3

Cyberterrorism and cyber-conflicts

  • Recent threats & and possible counteracts
  • Cyber-conflicts
  • Confidence-building measures
  • State behaviour in cyberspace

Cyber-security policies and mechanisms

  • National cybersecurity mechanisms
  • National cybersecurity strategies
  • Importance, role, and structure of national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)
  • Existing international cybersecurity initiatives and frameworks for cooperation
  • Public-private partnerships

Week 4

Broader context of cybersecurity

  • Digital policies and internet governance
  • Connection between privacy and security
  • Social media challenges
  • Issues of openness and online freedoms
  • Ethics and gender issues
  • Discussing economic aspects and building trust in e-commerce
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Some of Carleton’s Distinguished Faculty

Faculty cyber security

Dr. Sonia Chiasson

Sonia Chiasson is the Canada Research Chair in Human-Oriented Computer Security. She serves as Deputy Scientific Director of SERENE-RISC, a national network created to help protect individuals and organizations from online security and privacy threats and has participated in a number of federal projects and strategic initiatives. Dr. Chiasson’s research interests relate to the human aspects of computer security and privacy with the goal of making security mechanisms easier and safer for people to use.

cyber security faculty

Prof. Matrawy

Ashraf Matrawy leads the Next Generation Networks research group at Carleton. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a Network co-Investigator of the Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC). His research interests include reliable and secure computer networking with emphasis on virtualized infrastructures, software defined networking and secure routing in IoT. Prof. Matrawy is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario. His professional experience include serving as a consultant for industry and for federal government departments.

Expert cyber security

Anil Somayaji

Anil Somayaji is Associate Director of the Carleton Computer Security Lab. He harnesses his background in biology to work on ways of improving computer security: his early work focused intently on the human immune system’s defense mechanisms and how these biological qualities could be replicated to improve computer software. His areas of focus are computer security, intrusion detection, operating systems, artificial life, and complex adaptive systems.

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