Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep Kaur- Marketing Director

Mandeep Kaur is a Marketing Art Director at a prominent educational institution in Toronto- Canada. Her Key areas of experience include Art and Creative Direction on small-and large-scale projects from creative conception to completion, Senior-level Design in Print & Digital, Identity, Branding and Brand management.

p>At her work she effectively monitors the execution of the organization’s marketing strategy. She has been instrumental in increasing student’s enrollment and brand awareness across the country. Mandeep has a track record of success developing marketing tools and materials along with planning, implementing, overseeing and analyzing the success of all activities of the institution.

Mandeep is also working voluntarily at a South Asian publication, Can Asian Times as an Art Editor.

Some of Mandeep’s responsibilities at Can Asian Times include:

  • Building and maintaining relationship with advertisers and sponsors
  • Leading and directing the Creative Team for the execution of the final development and production of creative assets and ensuring accuracy, attention to details and overall meets or exceeds of the design objectives.
  • Ensuring the Maintenance of corporate web properties

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design and multiple years of experience working in a diverse range of settings, Mandeep has developed skills in leadership, problem solving, analytical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Her experience also includes:

  • GIS Technician with Natural Resources Canada
  • Active member of the Senior Sikh Society to assist with the planning and deployment of activities for seniors such as learning programs, computer courses, games, special events and day trips.
  • Treasurer at GHPS school association.
  • Volunteer at the Canada Liver Foundation.
  • Volunteer teacher at Ecole School of Language as a language instructor.
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